Napster: Now with just a hint of scam

I just want to point out two things with Napster.

  • If you sign up for their free trial, they will automatically start billing you when it ends unless you cancel before that.
  • You have to call them to cancel; there is no online option to unsubscribe.

While I’m not making any accusations, these are both classic attributes of online scams. On the bright side, when I did cancel my subscription (being generally unsatisfied with the shitty software they provide), they did not hassle me.

[EDIT] Someone asked for elaboration about the software. I liked that Napster’s software was vastly faster than Zune could ever hope to be. Zune 4.0 performs decently (unlike 3.x) but the web service is appallingly slow and browsing takes forever. However, the Napster software is a pain with overall usability, and I experienced some stability problems as well. I do want to say that these problems are no worse than with iTunes or Zune, both of which also suck. All of them are a far cry from WMP12 though, and I’d probably be most inclined to switch to Songbird if I got tired of WMP. (And apps are the only reason I use iTunes, or I’d almost certainly jump ship to Songbird.)